The disease of our Time {poem}

There’s a disease sinking into peoples brains,

A disease of untrustworthy words and unreliable pain

Lies and lies digging deep into peoples minds

The fenestration of love and beauty

The fade of human bonds like no other time

From a dark shadow of false science and fake shallow speechs of breaked crystals from crooked geeks,

Bringing change and change, visions from diferent lenses that say to us What to say, or What to be and Where to stay.

We are tired to be wired like rats on apocalyptic plans and world labs,

Treated like grotesque animals, with no souls, no bows, no books, no highs, no lows

Only the constancy of pleasure, putting such bestial lust over all of our eternal treasures.

There is no transcendensce for a servant,

“You gonna be a slave till the end of my engraved words on these rocks. My life goes with these blocks of marvelous stones upon the sand, wich you will be borrow while my eternal mind will descend, trough the sweat of your sorrow. And for all ages, while you fade, I will remain”

So said the Ozymandias of our times, deep inside his cold lightless heart, losing all he had for where the fire lies,

Blinded for the sake of his own will,

He don’t sees that all ages lies still on the past, and so on the eternal death his soul already rests.

— Marcelo J. de A. Jr.

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