The Dragon of Our Time

When the real culprit for a tragedy is not identified, the possible repetition does not lie in the hands of mere chances (like 2 lightnings reaching the same spot), but rather, it becomes a constant in time, like an active volcano which erupts from generation to generation and whose inhabitants of the island, meanwhile, forget it and return to occupy it’s foothills from time to time. In a similar way, the human tragedies of the 20th century arose and reappeared and, i’m afraid, that’s gonna set the tone once more on the 21th century.

It is such a truth that human incompetence, evilness and thirst for power are part of our species as it is to say these qualities become apocalyptic titans when armed with the power of modern science and politics, it is also a fact that it is not the first time in our modern history that a dragon whose fate should have been crushed as an egg in the nest, is let to grow free and with help. During the adolescence of this beast, when many admired its renewed opulence, its plans for domination also sprouted in plain sight, and at the signs of these, the leaders of the West pretended not to see, or in fact did not, once tey’ve turned into blind servants of their own pleasures and fears, beings whose spirit and courage were eaten by comfort and greed. Those men ignored the warm breath on their neck. Now in His adulthood, the Dragon roars and take bites out of the world, while, once again, He raises the red tide with a new and great force of devastation.

Once more, the fruits of the weakness of a past are bequeathed for a present, and strong men again need to emerge from a weakened society to set the steps for others to take, but “at what price?” is a question which only the Weak will be able to answer. For was not these who prevented Churchill from stopping Hitler when he should have been stopped? Wasn’t also the Weak that fed Soviet Communism when it was on the brink of downfall several times? Well, we judge our awareness of evilness as sufficient, but it is not, for it is only by convincing an organized part of the population and using it’s pressure on a group of lazy politicians (who create and control the laws) that the power to manage a historical political time resides. We know that the intricate chessboard of geopolitics is not meant to be easy, just as we know few things are as certain as the malice of traitors and the misfortune that comes from it, but throughout history we also learned that to just sit and watch the tide to come isn’t an option.

“There is nothing new under the sun,” said the preacher in Ecclesiastes.Thus, just as those men who forgot God and worshiped the golden calf will never cease to exist, genocides and wars continue to repeat, dictatorships keep on to oppress and inspire dread and madness as a method. For as long as it is not clear into people’s minds that is some of the men who control the nations that dictate the evil, and not the nations themselves, and until it isn’t understood it is the insane ideologies and theories that allow a few to distort the minds of many, turning them into slaves in love with their own bondages, this terrible disease will lie spread in our world, bringing suffering to lifes and lostness to countless souls.

An Evil that is brought to reality doesn’t simply fades away, but it can be fought and we must fight. To Never Forget is necessary, to Act is imperative. The constant denunciation of the ideologies and the movements which springs out of them, as well as the political (if not physical) battle for our freedoms, is the only thing that will allow us to continue breathing the air of liberty that for so many generations we’ve become accustomed to enjoying on this side of the world, and whose existence, however, many of us have long forgotten which sacrifices it requires.

— Marcelo J. A. Jr.

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