Lives of despair

“Most People Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation” *

And hell looks like a beautiful apartment and a relationship the drags itself through commitments without a meaning, without a self.

Just look at those eyes,

Just look at their size,

They’re lost

And they never look at the sky.


I said look into those eyes!

They are shallow,

They are grey,

They know no life,

Even alive,

They know no other way.

As Childs they’ve’ felt what is to live, but they have stepped aside and now they just feed their bellies, their hands, their small pockets, their brains with sand, and the time with silly stories.

And they march to death, like anyone they march to death, but they’ll say bye without in real life have ever stepped.

They’ve gonne trough hell, and hell is to say no to yourself, and to say “no” for time enough you have already forget.

— Marcelo Jatobá Jr.

* Frase de/ Quote from: Henry David Thoreau.


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