“Tide of Time” – Poetry/Poesia

Had you ever felt the tide?

The tide!

It always drags us,

Drags us and slides.

The tide that catches you when you go against the waves and think:

“sure enough, there will be time.”

But there is none, when it’s gone.

It never “is”,

It always “was”.

It is never enough

When you’re just walking across

And through all of that,

if i have learned a thing

Is that time don’t look for us

But through all of it

We stare at the rim

And if We lost the walk,

And We forget to be

At the end

Our backs are all we can see.

But i’ve kept thinking:

There must be a way to live and leave without regrets.

And the answer is always tricky and good:

“Try it, Do the action, specially those things you’ve been never used.”

— Marcelo Jatobá Jr.


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